Public relations officers

Posted 3 years ago


Although job duties for public relations specialists are similar whether they work in the public or private sector, the target of their public relations efforts may vary. PR specialists who work for nonprofit organizations, political interest groups, government agencies, or universities may target the general public, as well as specific groups such as voters, donors, or prospective students.

  • They are often responsible for maintaining their companies’ relationships with investors and customers, as well as the general public. 
  • They may field inquiries from journalists about their companies, participate in interviews on behalf of their companies, or prepare company representatives to perform well in interviews and public appearances. 
  • They may also write or task others to write press releases about their companies’ initiatives and accomplishments and use their contacts in the media to secure press coverage. 
  • Public relations officers may also design and execute promotional campaigns that involve direct communication with the community, consumers, and shareholders. 
  • They may coordinate community events to foster goodwill, design public information campaigns to increase awareness about their companies, and create informational materials for investors. 
  • Some public relations specialists also directly participate in the development of their companies’ marketing strategies. 

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