Corporate relations

Posted 9 months ago


A corporate relations specialist handles promotions and public relations for a company. Corporate relations specialists write and edit press releases, arrange interviews of key company personnel and work with other departments to provide information and market about their company. They mostly attempt to place a positive spin on their business but sometimes also have to work on putting out fires.

They deal primarily with print and broadcast journalists, assisting reporters getting the word out about their corporation or, in some cases, fending off reporters when the corporation wants to keep certain information confidential. 

Corporate relations specialists help design their company’s website, distribute press credentials and guest passes to events, and announce company landmarks via written release, many of which they distribute via email.

  • skilled verbal communicators and possess strong writing and editing skills.
  • They often act as a spokesperson for their corporation 
  • must maintain the professionalism and poise that comes with the job. 
  • They should be courteous, confident, organized and even energetic, since they often have to portray a positive, upbeat attitude when interacting with members of the press
  • exhibit strong computer skills and at least a basic understanding of design.

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