Corporate Marketing officers

Posted 9 months ago


A corporate marketing manager is responsible for determining the best markets for selling products and services.

For new products, she may start by introducing products in regional markets before expanding to national or international markets. 

Determine prices for products by studying competitors’ prices and conducting market research with consumers to determine what price ranges are acceptable to them. 

Advertising and distribution strategies. For example, you might collaborate with copywriters to develop the right messages for describing products. Then you determine the best outlets for selling them: retail or wholesale.

Most corporate marketing managers have administrative duties, such as selecting, hiring and training employees, tracking their performances and conducting annual performance reviews

track advertising campaigns to determine which to drop or expand. For example, you might tweak the message in an advertisement to better capture the attention of consumers. Or, you might increase expenditures for a direct mail promotion that’s pulling in lots of orders. If you work with outside vendors, you must ensure their payment invoices get processed on time.

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